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help! my colors and images aren’t showing when I visit my site

  • this is normal when you first install a Dixon Sheppard WordPress theme.  Go to the customize section, under appearance in your admin dashboard and select your colors and images there.  Even if you wish to keep the default color scheme you must first select a different color and then click the button labelled as default.  After  all those selections are made and uploaded click publish, and your site will look like you want it to.

how do I? show my instagram feed

  • Download Instagram Feed, connect to your Instagram account, and put [instagram-feed] in a text widget.
    • want your feed to look just like the demos?  Set the number of photos to 5 and the number of columns to 5

how do I? show my mailchimp form

  • Go to MailChimp.com and go to your lists.  Find the sign up forms and choose the unstyled one with only the required fields.

I need more help!

Submit a support ticket.  Please clearly state the problem and include screenshots if you are able.  Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

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